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Invest With Me

My names are Afolabi Andrew kenny, owner of Ken Farms and the founder and editor of I and my partners are building a investment company called “BreakThroughWithKen Incorporation” and we are inviting you to make a Short Term investment with us and earn good returns on your investment.

                               OUR PACKAGES

 You get 15% of your investment back in 1 Month..
 You get 55% of your Investment back in 3 Month..
 You get 105% of your investment back in 6 Month..

                                                                 If you invest N20k with us 

For a month, you will be paid #23,000 at the end of the month...  15 % pure profit...
For 3 months, you will be paid #31,000 at the end of the 3 month... 55% pure profit...
For 6 months, you will be paid #41,000 at the end of the 6 month... 105% pure profit...

                                        WHAT YOU WILL GET FROM THIS INVESTMENT

  1. You make profit far more than what you can get from fix deposit or from any investment portfolio manager.
  2. Opportunity to have a representative in Break Through With Ken Inc to work with us and even become part of Break Through With Ken family.
  3. You wouldn’t be kept waiting, You will be paid once your duration is due.
  4. Opportunity to convert your investment into equity at the end of the investment window. You decide!
    The minimum investment we accept is N 20k and if at any point from the First week you invested, you need your money for other things, you can recall your investment by giving us one week notice.

                             What is Break Through With Ken Inc All About?

Break Through With Ken Inc is a Farming, Online Business and Visa Consulting Company founded by Afolabi Andrew Kenny and registered in Nigeria as “BreakThroughWithKen Inc” to carry out Farming most especially Poultry Farming, Online business and Visa Processing. Partner with Genuine Visa Consult (GVC ( Genuine Visa Consult (GVC) is the most reliable visa & travel company registered in England, Wales & Nigeria. A Subsidiary of Structural Solution Consult Ltd. You can find us on UK Company House With Registration Number 7765127. ). Our Office is at Shop 7, Blessed Shopping Complex, Saw-Mill, Ilorin (Beside Saw-mill garage ).

Our Mission:  We strive to ensure that our customers grow with us in a setting of ongoing improvement, through joint efforts and by establishing bidirectional communications between them and our staff. We exert a proactive attitude, seeking the consolidation and recognition of our business project and maintaining our commitment to the sustainable development of our environment and a respect for nature and also Understanding people’s needs and creating an easy way to make cool money online.

                                                               Exactly What We Do 

We are currently working on ranges of internet based business, some of which when completed and fully operational, would change the way we do things on the internet, while some are already out there in the public, serving hundreds of internet users.

We have a huge dream – a dream to build BreakThroughWithKen to a high and reputable standard. It is not just a dream, we have a clear business plan and road map to achieving this, and the progress is already underway!

We started with Poultry farming, Importation Business, business content development, training, and consultancy, serving and training clients across the country and beyond for close to 7 years now. As a Farmer and an online entrepreneur, we generate revenue from our farms and also from our reputable online business.

  1. Short term investment –  This offers you the opportunity to make good profit from your investment. The minimum investment required for this is N20k and we will be paying 23k in a month....  In addition to your returns, we’ll give you some little part of us as a “Thank You” token.

                                 Why Invest With Break Through With ken?

Job Creation – Our current workforce is 3, and we are targeting 30 in 2018. Your investment will help hundreds of smart Nigerians find well paying jobs that will take them off the street and reduce the pressure in the job market.

Sustainability – Reading through this website will open up your mind to the passion, ideas, insight, and our commitments towards business growth. You will literary see the credibility we’ve built over the years through hard work and commitment to other people’s growth.

Knowledgeable – In terms of Farming, the internet business and Visa co We do, we know exactly how to multiply money. We know how to squeeze water out of the rock, and we understand the terrain of the internet business more than you could ever imagine!

Profitability – From the way we are currently going and with the proposed increase in capacity, our monthly earning may hit #1,000,000 within the next months. Our current performance indicates we could surpass that in a record time.

We invest in profitable and time tested internet business that you can trust, businesses that ensures steady flow of income under good supervision and professional management.

Let the experts manage your money while you sleep, wake up, and take your profit. We take all the headache and the sleepless nights off you.

The minimum to invest with us is N20,000.

We pour our heart on everything we do and our watchword is “Increase”

                                                           How To Get Started 

Download the Agreement for HERE, After downloading, Fill the letters written in red and send back to We will take it from there...


Below is how the form looks like...

Visit us today @

Break Through With Ken Inc.
Main Office: Shop 7, Blessed Shopping Complex, Saw-Mill, Ilorin (Beside Saw-mill garage ). Kwara State.

Contact us on: (0803 099 0904 OR  08095060955)
Whatz app: 0803 099 0904
Serious Investors Only!
You can drop-by any time from now till the ending of the month to discuss your investment options.
Thank you!
Afolabi Andrew Kenny
For Break Through With Ken


  1. Hello sir, Am interested in the investment program... How do i start, what are the steps i need to take? Thank you and wil love to here from you soonest.

    1. Hello Deji, Kindly contact me via whatz app on 08030990904

  2. Is this stil available now?

  3. If i invest N10,000 on Monday, when do i get the first payment?

  4. If you invest #10,000 Nair a on Monday, 11 2016, you will get on
    payment on the following days

    The First Payment On Thursday Jan 21, 2016
    The Second payment on Monday Jan 31, 2016
    and the third payment on Wednesday Feb 10, 2016

    You can also contact me on
    08030990904 or Whatzapp.

  5. My fourth month of investing with these guys... No regret so far....

    1. Been trying to reach the number for a while. Do you have an alternate number i can reach him on?

  6. Is this still available. Can't reach you on the number provided.

    1. Hello Mr Hassan, So sorry to have stressed you, you can easily contact us on that no from 9am- 5pm... Meanwhile you can always whatzpp us with that no anytime..... You can also get in torch with me here. 08095060955..


  7. what are you guys gonna do with the money? and how guaranteed is it that the investor would get his positive return as claimed by you?

    1. Hello Barrister,

      We are presently working on an article that will revile how we invest your funds. You will be notified once posted...

      Thank You

  8. I don't know what to say about these guys, all i can say is that they are real... been with them for the past 4 month now and every thing going smoothly..


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Want To Know More About Poultry Farming? Check Out My Complete Poultry e-Book
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