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They call me Kennyfol, A Nigerian and a man who love to share what he has learned and tried...  Am also a Farmer and an internet marketer for more than 7 years now, a graduate of the kwara state polytechnic, studied Computer Science but love agriculture so much. Am presently on my second degree studying Animal breeding and Genetics..

Born in the year of the Dragon. Try guessing that year.. Lol
I do blog because its my hobby and also to share my knowledge and experience in business and farming business,  I socialize and connect with people through Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and some other networks.  Apart from writing on this blog,  i have two big farms that can feed a whole nation ( Just kidding ) am also the owner of the very blog.  Love Online business,  bird, farming, poultry, article writing and Ethnical security.

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This is my 7th year since i started my farming journey and my 5th year online so i know much stuffs about both business. Also am the kind that make lots of researches (Both online and Offline). My offline ( Farming ) Business Knowledge comes from my experience and also from some Professors in the faculty of Agriculture at the University of Ilorin and the Kwara state Polytechnic respectively.


My main purpose of publishing this blog is to teach all, most especially Youths how to set up a complete business ( Be it Online or Offline) OR farming business starting very small or at your back yard and how you can make living, building your down lines and business in the best Local and international market and to provide high quality farming and poultry tips and other farming earning methods. Each post is published in a very simple way newbie will be able to understand and digest with a hope so that every Youth may learn the core basics to establish him or herself as a skilled entrepreneur. 


What you know determines what you'll become. But, most of the times, people are enslaved by ignorance and those that knows, take home all the wealth and stay in comfort! That's the reason i rather be in the 'Know'.

I cannot say i am an expert but those who have come across my post and myself will judge for that. I am good in online business and i have learned Webdesign, Internet marketing, Programming, App and Software Development over the year and i have handled many projects and empowered many people mostly for free... I started my farming business  in 2007, though, am still like a  newbie but my life changed dramatically. presently, i make average of $3000 monthly with my little farm. I started taking interest in poultry and farming by making lots of researches online and offline. My thirst for learning and understanding how farming works equipped me an excellent and successful Farmer. Very soon, i believe i will feed the whole universe .

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Want To Know More About Poultry Farming? Check Out My Complete Poultry e-Book
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