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Thursday, 18 February 2016

Poultry Farming VIDEO (Dangers Involved In The Consumption Of Imported Chicken And Turkey ) MUST WATCH

Hello my people, i saw this video somewhere and i will like to share it with you guys, You really need to stop buying imported frozen chickens and turkeys as they are very dangerous to health. Give me Chicken Orobo! Are you actually eating chicken? No wonder cancer full everywhere this days. Please share with your contacts for better dissemination of information and education on the reason why we must support and sustain the ban of frozen chicken by NAFDAC in Nigeria.
No doubt, the consumption of imported chicken and turkey in Nigeria is very popular in Nigeria. Even when the Nigerian government has banned it in the economy, no one has been able to address the high level of smuggling these consumables into the country. However, the agency saddled with the responsibilities of regulating foods and drugs has however come out to highlight and explain why Nigerians must desist from eating the popular frozen chicken and turkey which are common consumables in every Nigerian home. See the agency’s Facebook post below: NAFDAC Warns Against Consumption Of Imported Chicken, Turkey and other Poultry Products. Although imported chickens and turkeys have become status symbol in Nigeria, the National Agency for Food And Drug Administration And Control (NAFDAC) has come out to strongly warned against the consumption of imported or smuggled frozen poultry frozen meat, even as it has said that imported poultry products, especially chicken and turkey have been discovered to be causative factor in non- communicable diseases (NCDs) and antibiotics resistance.


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