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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

How To Make Your Chicken To Lay Bigger Eggs?

I did a free seminal yesterday in a church in Ilorin and during the seminal a questions was raised on how to make layer birds to lay bigger eggs. Here are my answers and i will also like to share with you guys as i believe lots of poultry farmers most especially new farmers are ignorant of this...

In this post, am going to be talking on TWO different ways to increase or make your birds to lay bigger eggs...

The first i will be talking about is the one i called the BODY WEIGHT STRATEGY

Body Weight Strategy is the normal and standard way to make your chicken eggs bigger.. Its is just normal, heavier hens will produce heavier eggs. Body weight at point of lay really influences yolk size, which in return influences egg weight and size. As long as hens reach mature body weight, a slight increase in feed intake will result in heavier eggs without further increasing body weight, therefore, changing the pullet
feeding and management program to increase body weight at point of lay can increase the egg size throughout the laying period.

During the laying period, egg weight can be influenced by changing the consumption of balanced protein or amino acids (of these, methionine has traditionally been used to affect egg weight), linoleic acid, and supplemental fat or oil. Rather than changing just methionine, it is recommended to change all the amino acids to influence egg weight. Consumption of energy will typically affect the rate of egg production before affecting egg weight, so the dietary energy content should normally not be changed in an attempt to influence egg weight.

Note that if these nutritional strategies are used to influence egg weights to avoid excessively heavy eggs, it is important to start egg-weight control early in the production cycle (i.e., 2 to 3 g before the desired egg weight). Once the eggs are above the desired weights, it is difficult—if not impossible—to reduce egg weight without also reducing egg production.

The Second Strategy Is The Drug Strategy:  This strategy to me is very dangerous and i will not advice anyone who is not an expert to you this as i myself doesn't use it. I was told some farmers use some drugs, If you do not see an expert that will teach you how to go about, i will advise not to use it at all.. The drugs works but most times, the eggs which the chicken lay after using the drug will be so big that it will tore the anus of the chicken which will lead to bleeding, you surely know what will happen if this occur.  The bird will stop laying until the injury is healed up.

Strategies to decrease (or "control") egg weight include

Reducing feed intake
Reducing the consumption of amino acids ("balanced protein")
Reducing the consumption of fat or oil
Reducing the consumption of linoleic acid

it appears that fat or oil in general (as opposed to a specific fatty acid) has more influence on egg weight than linoleic acid. Reducing the body weight at point of lay (and avoid increases in body weight above the performance standards throughout the lay cycle).


A pullet or a young hen will start out by laying eggs on the small size.  The eggs will get bigger as she gets older.  As a rule of thumb, the older a hen gets, the fewer, larger eggs she will lay. Some breeds just lay larger eggs than others.  Even within a breed, the variation between hens can be significant.  Larger hens tend to lay larger eggs.  Leghorns are generally accepted as laying the largest eggs, which is why most commercial egg production hens are a Leghorn cross.

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  1. This eggs could possibly get even larger seeing that your lover gets older. Generally speaking connected with thumbs, this more aged some sort of capon obtains, this a lot fewer, much larger eggs she could set. Many breeds simply just set much larger eggs in comparison with some others. Possibly just a particular breed of dog, this variant concerning chickens is usually major.

  2. My chicken is always lay small eggs, then I think this post is very useful with me. Thanks for your tips.

  3. I hope this will help my hens. I don't know why but their eggs are always small, and I didn't know how to solve it, either. Now I've found the way. Thank you.


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