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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Virtual Football Betting Strategy with Explanatory Video ( How I Make Constant #13,500 Daily #94,500 Weekly and #405,000 Monthly Playing VFL )

        LAST UPDATED: 30-JULY-2016

Hello Guys and welcome to my post on how to be making  #13,500 Daily #94,500 Weekly and #405,000 Monthly Playing VFL as am doing... My virtual football betting strategies are strategies i discovered myself and have been using for the past 1 and half year now, almost going to two years and am going to be unveiling some to you guys.... Some so called gurus in football betting might say its impossible to make #13,500 constant daily on VFL but to those that knows me well, you all know i don't gamble but do business betting and strategy.. I simply do things in a different way and this is what have been helping me to succeed in betting business...

Before i go fully into Virtual football, I will like to emphasis on what someone said about selling the two eBook i bought for almost #40,000 on both Live and Virtual for just #3,000.. He said

" I Wonder Why people Sell Knowledge That They Claim Pays Alot. Why No Give It Free If It Pays Them Well... Well i will love to answer his question publicly.  But My Question for him is !

"Why is
Dangote not giving out free sugar, flour, spaghetti to the poor? Why must he sell as the richest man, why is Otudeko no giving out free Honeywell product? Well if he doesn't know, he should know now that learning and teaching for money is business itself. And besides, This strategies and Formula is clear enough for him to start..This is only for people that are hungry to know more, people that want to know all the secrets i use daily and weekly to make lots of cash from betting... Did he go to school to learn for free? Did he graduated from the university for free? People like him are just the type that will never learn, they want everything for free and they end up getting nothing.

Let me leave this sentimental bullshit and continue on what we are here for today..

Here is a Live Proof of my earning i withdraw since Thursday that i got the alert on Monday...

Before i go into Virtual betting, let me show you guys more examples of the strategy i gave in my LAST POST ON My Secret Football Strategy!!! How I Make Constant, No Risk #7,500 ($37) Daily, #75,000 ($375) Weekly and #300,000 ($1500) Monthly betting on Live Match .

I gave some live examples of 1 strategy, but for those that are still not clear, let me quickly give another example....

Like i mentioned in the post, the strategy is simply following some logical principles which are

1. Always go for the HOME TEAM
2. The HOME TEAM ODD must be in between 1.40 to 2.00
3. The HOME TEAM ODD must be Smaller to the AWAY TEAM ODD

Those are the three simple strategy one need to follow and below are the games i played on 7th of December... NOTE: Am writing this post on the 8th of December, 2015.

The first Match I Played

The second match I played which i lose

The Third Match I Played

The fouth match i played for the one i lose ( The second match )

The last one I played making me to see 4 target yesterday...

NOTE: I played three matches at almost the same time

Played Deportes Temuco at 12:00 and U.Sucre at 12:30 and Ind.Medellin at 1:30

Deportes Temuco and Ind.Medellin won and U.Sucre lose...
The Next match available was Paykan at 11:30 am but i also lose it..
I now played the next match which is Slavia Sofia at 1:00pm and i won...

WON my three target for the day......

I hope you get those pictures up there... TO read More about the Live Football Strategy Kindly click  HERE AND HERE AND HERE  for the First, Second and Third Posts Respectively...

NOW To What we are here for today...

                                          VIRTUAL FOOTBALL BETTING (VFL )


Am not that good in explaining but i will try my best to explain in a simple way that you guys will understand..

To be successful in virtual betting, you need to know how to use the Almighty Formula perfectly and fast as this is virtual, you only have 1 mint 30 seconds to do your calculation... I already said all you need to know about Discipline and Almighty Formula in my previous posts.. So if you want to play virtual, i urge you to please go back and read the post... One thing about virtual is that, It is very fast and easy to make it on virtual and at the same time, it can give hyper tention or even kill someone if not careful and discipline but dont worry, i will give you all you need to know when it comes to Virtual...

Now that the basic stuff is behind us, let’s jump into the real fun and let’s learn how to make money at virtual football betting.

First of all, what is “Virtual Sports Betting?” it’s very simple.  Since a couple of Years, many betting sites both Nigeria and abroad are now offering this new kind of online betting.  This is a very new concept. In fact, this is the same thing as betting on a real live matches but instead now waiting for the outcome and then waiting for next week to place another bet on your favorite team, you can do it every 90 seconds!

At virtual sports betting, a week of plays last for only 90 second.  And you’ll play a complete season every hour for Abroad betting sites like bet365 and Ladbrokes and every Two Hours for Nigeria betting sites.  So, you can play 24 seasons a day.  This is over 918 weeks of football every day!

Imagine when you know a very good strategy and formula; You can make a fortune because usually, it should take 24 years to achieve the same results. Now, like I said before, more and more betting sites enter this field and they offer this opportunity to their clients. For this post, Am only going to base on Nigeria Virtual, maybe i will write on the foreign betting site later.... Almost if not all Nigeria betting sites offer these kind of betting but am going to base only on TWO...


Bet9ja Virtual

9japredict Virtual

These Two betting sites are the once i can recommend, and  the good thing with these two sites is that, they operate the same way.... Some people might say nairabet is very good but i have tried almost all the betting site in Nigeria and this two are the once i can recommend to you guys, yes nairabet is good  but when it comes to virtual, they cheat a lot, in the scene that they log people off their account easily while playing...

                                                    NOW TO THE STRATEGY

The Strategy is a strategy i discover myself and i have been using it since the  past One year now... It has never fail and i don't think it can fail.... I have 5 different strategies i use on Nigeria Virtual but i will only be unvilling one here today...

Here is how i do discover my strategies ( NOTE ) Don't just study a strategy for a week and start using.. Any strategy i use, believe me you, i have studied for minimum of 3 months... Below is how i do study the strategies

The first thing i do is to log into my betting site, after then, i will click on virtual.... When i click on virtual, it will bring me to the image below...

Their is an icon by the right hand side of the virtual table... The one i circled below.. Click on it....

 After you have click on it, it will pop up a new window, something like the one below

After it brings the window, Click on Table by the left hand side and by the left, their are so many past seasons you can use to study... This is how and where i do derive my strategies, their are whole lot of things you can discover from this but mind you, please study for like 3 month before you start using the strategy...

Below is one strategy i will show you guys, i have been using the strategy for almost two years now and it haven't fail..

NOTE: If you use this strategy, follow all my rules and you fail, Just call or text me, I swear to return you all the money you lose... This is how sure this strategy is and you will even confirm yourself...

Before explaining the strategy, let me say this, On Virtual, their are good teams ( STRONG TEAMS ) and their are bad teams ( WEAK TEAMS ), just like live matches also.. Below are the Good and the Bad teams


VFL Madrid
VFL Amsterdam
VFL London
VFL Berlin

VFL Bern
VFL Ankara
VFL Vienna
VFL Edinburgh

Please note the strong and the weak team as will will only be working on the 4 strong teams...

To use this strategy, we will always start the season with them, as in we can only play when a new season starts...

1. We will always start to play after the 3rd match
2. We will only stake on the First four good teams that are in position 1st to 10th at the end of the third game.
3. The big teams we are to stake on must have win at least 1 match at the end of the 3rd game
4. We will stake or bet on 2 to 3 different good teams

To understand what am saying very well, let me use picture to explain. To know what am saying exactly and to make forward research,  look at the step by step picture below..

This first Picture indicate SEASON 36251, round 3...
After match 3, will will start our bet in round 4
And after the end of match 3

LONDON won 2 Matches
MADRID won 1Match

SO all we need to do in round Four is to stake on LONDON, MADRID and AMSTERDAM.

On Round 4 when we start our bet

Madrid Won
London and Amsterdam Lose

The next thing is to continue the FORMULA on London and Amsterdam
 On Round 5

London won
Remains Amsterdam

On Round 6
Amsterdam Win

Now we will all our 3 Target....

                               ANOTHER EXAMPLE  USING THE NEXT SEASON

Season 36250

After round 3

Madrid won 2
London won 1
Amsterdam won 1

Now we are to stake on the 3 teams

On round 4
London and Amsterdam won their matches
Madrid Lose

Now we are to follow Madrid till he wins

On Round 5

Madrid Lose

On Round 6

Madrid did not win

On Round 7 which is our 4th stake on Madrid

Madrid Wins

                                             HOW YOUR TABLE WILL LOOK LIKE


1. Make sure you always start the season from ROUND 1.
2. Always Start your bet from ROUND 4.
3. Make use of the Formula an the Table.

You can also do some findings yourself on this strategy, you will see that it never fail... Any big team cant lose 5 matches in a row and this is what gives us a head....

My Personal Tips For Virtual Football

Ok, now you are ready to go and you want to move thing fast.  The only problem you will experience is that you will probably miss time when you start using these systems. Remember that you only have 90 seconds to find the 3 teams, look at the odds, analyze what kind of bet you will do, draw your table for the three teams and place bet on the 3 teams.

It looks like a lot of thing to do in only 90 seconds but it is not when you are ready and prepared.

Here’s what I personally do.  First I log into my favorite betting site to play virtual football.  As soon as I have the window where I will play, I close all other windows i may have for surfing the net.  That means I close all other explorer, Firefox, Facebook, Netscape window and I only keep the one where I will play.

Second, I draw the Table and Open the Calculator... I will need it when using the Almighty FORMULA and things like that.  It is always useful.


You don’t want to be disturbed as you have ONLY 90 SECONDS TO DO ALL YOU HAVE TO DO.

This way, it will easy to go from one window to another and you will save a lot of time. Last thing, probably the most important is to PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE.

You have to understand completely how the system works when you play .  A wrong move or click and you place the bets on the wrong team and nothing works after that.  Don’t worry, it could happen in the beginning.  It happened to me and it still happened some times when I’m very tired....

Also Note: It is better to make an easy #2000 over 2 hours of play than going for #100,000 and not being able to place your high bets.  Most of the time, it is usually a winning bet so, you will be a lot more frustrated if it happens to you.

The best thing is to go for a small target, play for an hour and switch to another betting site.  Simple as that.  Every people who are doing this have a lot of success!

Snowball your profits

In this next chapter, I will simply show you how to make even more money over the long run and how to build your bankroll faster.

In the examples, we didn’t use this tips but this is something I always use at sports betting.  The profits will be even bigger.

So, usually, when you start to use these systems, you will select your target.  Let’s say you have #200 and you would like to use system #1.  Using system one, you should use at least 200 units.  So, the first target would be #200.

Now, you start with a target of #200 and you make #600 per 1 account and you have 2 accounts you play together..... and you play 5 season daily.  That means that after
30 days, you will have earned:

#600 ( One Account ) x 5 Seasons = #3000 x Two Account = #6000 Daily
#6000 x 30 = #180,000 Monthly

Look at the power of numbers.  If you continue to use this technique for a month, your bankroll will be at #180,000 after 30 days.

After 6 months, it will be over $1M with only 3 games and two accounts a day! Now Imagine if you go for 10 or 15 games with those two account a day!

This is the best way to make as much profit as possible.

Stay under the radar

The Minimum amount to start this is # 30,000....
Ok, I have to talk about it before in my previous posts.  Many people will see the potential of these systems and many of you will build a solid bankroll very fast.

The problem if you have a very bankroll and you go for a very big target is that you won’t be able to end your sessions because your bets will be too high when using the progression.

Many betting sites where you can find virtual betting will offer you the possibilities to place bets as low as #50 and the good thing about Nigeria virtual his they have no maximum bet but will betting 2 million to make just 1000 makes sense?.

Also, the reason why the pro sports gamblers like me aren’t kicked off the betting site is because we stay under the radar and we use many betting sites.

So, instead of going for a daily profit of #20,000 in one betting site, it would be better to go for a daily profit of #20,000 in 2 to 4 different betting sites.  This is the best thing to do.  You will be able to earn your #20,000 a day which is over #600,000 a month and believe me, these reputable betting sites really don’t care about you if you win #5,000 a day.

The fact is that they really don’t care if you win #2,00,000 a day at sports betting because you cannot do it as fast as with virtual betting and you have to know that for sports betting, they can move the line to get the same amount of money on both side of any event and no matter who win they make money.  So, if they give you #2,000,000 a day, they take #3,000,000 from another player.
This isn’t the case at virtual betting because they don’t move the line.  Every numbers
are generated in the first 3 minutes of the season.  So, that is why it is a good thing to go slow and to be patient.

The best bankroll management

If you’re one of my clients on my group, you probably know this concept.  Even if It is very simple, this is probably the most important thing you can use at sports betting.

Some people don’t care about this concept but they come back later and tell me, I should had followed your advices”.

So, when you look at the following concept, you’ll see that when you use it, it is almost impossible to lose your bankroll and to lose money.  Sure it will take more time to make money but you will be able to make a good profit and protect your bankroll at the same time.

Also, when using this concept at virtual betting, this is probably the best place to use it because everything is so fast that you can still make your money fast.  You don’t have to wait 24 hours to place another bet.  You just have to wait 90 seconds!

So, basically here’s how it works.  I call it the 4 blocks concept.

The following trick is something that I teach to all my clients.  No matter what you are betting on, this trick always works and it protects your bankroll.

The most important thing when it comes to sports betting or in our case, virtual betting is certainly your bankroll. This is the money you can afford to play with. This is the money you don’t need for anything else.

No matter what system you play, you always have to structure your bankroll in the same way.

First, you will breakdown your entire bankroll into 4 equal blocks. This way, you will only risk 25% of your entire bankroll and protect the rest of your bankroll if you hit a very bad losing streak.
Now, let’s take an example:

Let’s say you have a #200,000 bankroll.

So, you breakdown the #200,000 into 4 = # 50,000.

Now, you start to play a system with your first block of #50,000.

As soon as your first block of #50,000 is doubled, add it back to your total bankroll. So now you have #200,000 + #50,000 = #250,000.


All right.  I hope you enjoyed this article.  I just want you to remember one simple thing. If you want to make money at virtual football betting, YOU NEED A BETTING SYSTEM. Without a betting system, you’ll lose money.

Even the best punters experience a long losing streak and without a good system, you’re done.

Pro punters know that and that is why they are making money at sports betting and now, you have the opportunity to become one of them by using these great systems and by profiting from this new kind of sports betting which is virtual football betting.

In order to have a great success with these system, my advise would be to read the system a few times.  Try it out on paper just to see how it goes and when you’re comfortable with, try it for fun money at any recommended website.  After that, when you are very comfortable. jump into the real world and go for real money!

If you have any questions, just comment below using the comment box

Thank You....
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3. You must have a calculator

4. You must have a CAPITAL ( At least 20k )..

If you have all this and are serious about this

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E.g. Football Betting Secret, John Kenny Smith, 984747,, 0810000559 To 08095060955 once I confirm your payment. You can also send via whatz app..The eBook manual will be sent to you immediately! By e-mail Trust me 100% to do that. Your e-book (electronic book) is downloadable from your e-mail box which allows you to read and print out this book

So if you’re interested, I highly recommend you take action fast.

Thank you..
LAST POST: My Secret Football Strategy!!! How I Make Constant, No Risk #7,500 ($37) Daily, #75,000 ($375) Weekly and #300,000 ($1500) Monthly betting on Live Match - See more at:
LAST POST: My Secret Football Strategy!!! How I Make Constant, No Risk #7,500 ($37) Daily, #75,000 ($375) Weekly and #300,000 ($1500) Monthly betting on Live Match - See more at:
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  1. I have gone through your write-up and must say that you did a fantastic work there.

    Please I would want to know the minimum amount you can use in starting the vfl bet up and also other tricks(if any) for winning on vfl.


    1. Hello sir, Thank you so much for your comment....

      The minimum amount in starting the VFL is #30,000 ... Please note that this is different from playing Live Matches... And also to know all the tricks, i will advice you to get the eBooks as it contains all you need to know..

      Thank you....

  2. My phone can browse bt cannot do whatsapp. But other requirement i have and am interested, and i need it for my studies. Can i be among the 10 people

    1. Hello Bro Daniel, Sure you can but you will be missing out in the whatz app group... I might say i will be posting your daily game on facebook message but am not promising because am always busy but you will still have the eBooks.... They will be of great help to you..

      Thank you

  3. My phone can browse bt cannot do whatsapp. But other requirement i have and am interested, and i need it for my studies. Can i be among the 10 people

    1. Hello Bro Daniel, Sure you can but you will be missing out in the whatz app group... I might say i will be posting your daily game on facebook message but am not promising because am always busy but you will still have the eBooks.... They will be of great help to you..

      Thank you

  4. great article bros am joining you.

    1. Thank you sir for your comment.... Cant wait to have you in the family...

  5. Thank you so much for this eBook.. Bro it really worth more than the 3k you are selling it... I really appreciate your effort towards helping other to succeed in this business... So many people have really lost a lot and some have even died because of it... I believe things will change now that gotten to meet you and increase my knowledge in football betting... I will also like to invest very soon.. Thank you once again for everything and before i forget, Please we will be waiting for your Baseball Strategies ooooo....

    1. Thank you so much for your warm comment.. Yes so many people have lost to the betting sites and that is why those betting sites keep making money constantly... For those that can start using the strategies i use, am so sure its going to change their life for good...

  6. Thanks Man, Have seen the eBooks and the Spread Sheets.... More grace bro.

    1. You welcome bro.. Take the second step by starting....

      Thank you.

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    1. Their are many people using this strategy and we are doing so good with it.... One thing about the strategy is that it can never fail... About the loan, am not sure where you can..

      Thank You

  10. u have done so well sir....when is ur pos on baseball coming out...waiting. don't really understand that game....hope to join u soon

    1. Hello Gonzago, Thank you so much for your comment... About the baseball strategy, i will post it when the season is about to start..

      Thank You

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    1. Hello Sir... Thank you for your comment... Am sorry but i cant find your number on my phone any more but here is my link... ... You can add me..

      Thank you

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    can i do this vfl trick in bet365 in world cup section? Thanks

    1. Hello Hassan.. Am not sure if you can use it on bet365 world cup but its safe on Ladbrokes virtual...... The only thing i know about the world cup is that Brazil is the strongest and out of 7 Cups, brazil will win at least 1

    2. hello bro,
      Do you have whatsapp or Facebook? I want to talk with you about something.

    3. Yes hassan... Am on whatz app.. You can add me on 08030990904

    4. Hello boss you doing a nice job well done, bosd with a target of #50 what would be my bankroll its just that I didn't have much to start

    5. Hello Saviour, with #50, i will advice to use at least 20,000 Naira.. Thank you

  15. can i make money with this virtual football betting in bet365 in world cup section?

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  17. Sir! I've seen a situation where london lost 6 straight matches, what should I do in this case and how much should be the start-up capital considerably?

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    1. My formula and strategies works on all site...

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  23. I do suggest you have minimum of 30,000 Naira before you use my system.. This is because, it is a business and not just gambling and for any business, you need an investment capital..

    Thank you

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    1. Hello, You can whatz app me on 08030990904

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