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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

SECOND POST: My Secret Football Strategy!!! How I Make Constant, No Risk #75,000 ($375) Weekly and #300,000 ($1500) Monthly betting on Live Matches

Hello Guys, and welcome to my second post on how I make constant, no risk #75,000 weekly and #300,000 monthly betting on Live Matches.,  Am sorry as this second post took me more than the day i promised to send it, AM REALLY SO SORRY.. I have been so busy setting up a new farm in Ekiti since three days now, As you all know that am also into poultry farming and i also help people to set up their new farm... i know most of you will have been eager to know this secret am talking about but before i tell you the secret, if you havent read my First post on My Secret Football Strategy, you can read from HERE .

Now lets move into the real koko for today.

Some people were sending me messages asking me to give them game for Friday and Saturday but i told them that i don't have any game, In-fact i don't give games to
people... it is not that am not going to place bet but i don't forecast, i have a plan, strategy and formula i follow each day... I don't need to spend hours on to forecast matches before placing bet, bet i might even lose.. and I want to warn you guys about something. Remember i keep saying that i don't gamble but do business on football betting, what i simply do after i have learn t my lesson in a hard way is that i think outside the box, i don't do what everyone is doing and this have been helping me to make constant money daily, weekly and monthly. And also, as have said in the first post that these football-betting strategy aren’t a get rich quick scheme. To me, No business can make you turn your #100 into #1,000,000 within a week.Those that wins that is only by luck and we are dealing with luck here, we are here for business.. This is very important to understand.... You will all understand what am trying to say later.

What you will get from this system

  • I will be giving out 2 different strategies i use to make money betting daily, weekly and monthly on live bets ( Its a Killer) Works 100 percent)
  • I will be teaching you guys how you can never lose again
  • I will be giving you also the Almighty FORMULA
  • At the end, i will be giving you an Excel Spread Sheet for easier calculation because as from when you start using this strategy, you will be making use of the almighty formula
  • Give you one of my strategies i use for Nigeria Virtual bets. ( Its a Killer) Works 100 percent )

My football betting strategy will allow you to stop losing and will make you to continue to make money everyday, week and monthly .... To have success at football betting in general, you need to understand that it is an investment. If you can think about it this way, you’ll be successful. You have to learn how to go slowly and build a solid bankroll over the long run. However, the reason why we use football betting is because there’s so many games that are played each day that we can make a good profit rapidly and almost every day.

But first, the most important thing you need to focus on is discipline and the FORMULA. Yes, discipline. It is probably the major factor that will influence your success. As the FORMULA is only knowing how to do the calculations.... You have to learn the systems and stick to them.

I know someone will still say nothing is 100 percent sure in life, Sure, nothing is sure in life so that is for gambling. but When you start using a system and not just gambling, It is 100percent sure... I told you that it is an investment. So, use it like an investment. That is why these systems have the potential to make you turn a small #30,000 into Million very fast. As soon as you’ll understand the concept and the power of these systems, you won’t believe it.

But first, the most important thing you need to focus on is discipline.

DISCIPLINE: You really need to be discipline, this is one of the delicate aspect when it comes to betting... I don't know how to tell you how to be discipline but let me say somethings about it due to my past senerio.....

Discipline is

  • when you are not in rush to make million in a day
  • When you are not in rush to make all your loses back in a day
  • When you are not in haste to make it big
  • When you stick to a plan
  • When you do not gamble, no matter what
  • When you take it as business
  • And lots more.....

This is what I say to every new punters and sports bettor. Be like an investor and do like an investor.. Believe me, nothing works better than this in football betting.


The first thing we will nee to know is the Almighty Formula....This formula is owned by me 100 percent and it have been doing so great.... I got the idea from one of Frank Belanger eBook i got but this is not the exact formula he is using.. I modify my and people that know this formula will see that it is not frank own's.. Frank own to is good but MY is the best and the easiest..... Also stria-gt forward....


Ok, now this is a very important section. This is not the main strategy but you need to know how the formula works before using any strategy i will be posting on my blog. So, my advice would be to read this section carefully first and for those that will be playing virtual, try the fun mode by betting anything you want just to see how it works. You’ll be able to see it
for yourself.

Ok, now we’re ready to go...

Before you place any bet at all, you need to know how much you want to make on that team that day....

For example.. let me use today ENGLAND: Premier League game to show you guys.

We have many games today.... Below are the ENGLAND: Premier League game today

15:00      Aston Villa         VS       Watford -                         2.75                 3.30                  2.80
15:00      Bournemouth     VS       Everton -                          2.63                 3.60                  2.75
15:00      Crystal Palace    VS       Newcastle Utd -               1.70                 3.90                  5.50
15:00      Manchester City VS      Southampton -                  1.60                 4.20                  6.00
15:00      Sunderland         VS      Stoke City -                       2.90                 3.25                  2.65
17:30      Leicester            VS       Manchester United -         3.10                 3.40                  2.45

Let say i decide to bet on Man City

To bet on man city, i need to decide the amount i will like to make on mancity... Deciding that depends on how much you have on your account.. I will call the amount i need to win, the target.

The formula is the following:

Bet = Target / (odds – 1)

              TEAM                                                      TEAM                            ODD                       ODD
15:00 Manchester City               vs                  Southampton -                      1.60        4.20          6.00

So let say am staking on Manchester City.

My Target on Manchester city is #1000 ( The amount i wish to win on Mancity)

The formula says Bet=Target/(Odd-1)

Target (odds – 1)

Bet = 1000 / ( 1.60 - 1 )
Bet = 1000 / ( 0.60)

Bet = 1666...

So, the amount you need to bet in order to win #1000 on mancity at odds 1.60 is #1666.

If mancity Wins, We will win #2666


If Mancity Wins,

It will be 1666 ( Your Stake ) * 1.60 ( Mancity ODD)

Which is : 2666 Naira

So #1000 ( Your Stake or BET ) - #2666 ( Total Win ) = #1000 ( Your target or gain )

You have added 1000 to your money.... This is a session, once you win, you close the session and start another gain... But what about if Man city lose OR Draw.... This is how you will calculate. You will have to draw a table. Your table will look like this.. LETS CONCLUDE


TARGET---------- STAKE------------- WIN/LOSE
  1000                      1666 lose Mancity lose so the next target will be

The next formula when the team you select lose is

Total lose + Target

Total lose + target will be our next TARGET

Total Lose = 1666 + Target #1000 Which = #2666

So our next target will be


Let say our Next game is Man-Utd

17:30               Leicester   VS          Manchester United -                 3.10              3.40           2.45

Now we want to stake on Man Utd

TEAM Man United

Bet # Target Odds –1 Total lose / Amount to Bet
1 #1000 1.60 1666 ( Man-City ) L
2 #2666 2.45

Since our New Target is 2666 An the Formula says Bet = Target / (odds – 1).. Our Next Bet will be

Bet = 2666 / ( 2.45 - 1 )
Bet = 2666 / ( 1.45 )
Bet = 1840

Our Next bet on Mau- Utd is 1840.. So if man Utd Wins, We will win Our target which is 1000 and also The #1666 we use to bet on Man city and also the #1840 we use and bet on Man Utd.


If Man u Wins

It will be #1840 ( Bet placed on Man Utd ) * 2.45

which is #4508

#4508 - 1840 ( Bet placed on Man Utd ) - #1666 (Bet placed on Mancity ) = #1000 ( Our Target )

Can you see the power in this FORMULA?

You will get your target as soon as 1 team wins, you will get your target and get back all

the money you have use to stake the previous games.....

All you need to do is to have a calculator, A book and Always do your calculations well..



So, just to be sure that you understand the numbers, let me explain all the numbers we have.

The first number we have is #1000. This is the amount we want to make. We have to write this number when we start a new session. The second number we have is 1.60 for man city. This is in fact, the odds for man city wins

1. We need this number to calculate our bet in order to win the #1000.

The last number of #1666 . This is the amount we need to bet in order to win our target (Total lost).
As you can see, #1000 X 1.60 = 2666 - #1666 = +1000 (profit) And when man city lose, you can see the calculation up there.... This is how the formula works.... I hope you get all the calculations and the formula..... I will explain more clearer when posed on my website..

NOTE: Kindly drop your comment but please don't spam and don't abuse.... I know that their will always be badbelle people but please even if you are making 1million naira everyday, their are people that have lost so much on this betting and gambling again wont do them good.... Allow them to learn.... And Please, Stop giving people your money for fixed matches, that thing doesn't work, all you need to be successful on betting is a proven formula and i believe you have seen that this formula can help you...

I have created a Facebook page for those that will continue or like what am posting... Here is the link below…/

Kindly like and share to your friends....

Thank you.....

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 Thank you...
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Want To Know More About Poultry Farming? Check Out My Complete Poultry e-Book
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