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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Poultry Farming ( 3 Strong Reasons Why You Should Tap In The NEW #200 Billion Naira CBN Guarantee Scheme Fund )

Apart from Poultry Farming business been one of the most profitable and beneficial farming business around, i have Three good reasons why you should quickly learn and tap into the poultry or any other farming business you know before its too late. In the course of this article, i will emphasizing more on poultry farming as this is what i know how to do best when it comes to poultry business....

Gone are those days when poultry farming is only for the poor, when chicken is only adopted and kept in the backyard by the poor commodities living in the rural slums or villages. Poultry farming have gone beyond what we do believe it is, even in the united state, 80 of their poultry consumption are been rared by their government... And in Nigeria, we have the freedom to rare and sell poultry products as we like..

i will like to go straight to the points as i don't what to say much stories... Below are the three reasons why you should tap in the new #200 billion Naira CBN just gave out for farming business.

Ban Imported Chicken, Turkey and other Poultry Products: National Agency For Food and Drug Administration and Control ( NAFDAC ) warns against consumption of Imported Chickens, Turkeys and other poultry Products... Although imported chickens and turkeys have become status symbols in Nigeria, the national agency for Food and Drug Administration And Control has come out and strongly warned against the consumption of imported or smuggled frozen poultry meat, even as it has said that imported poultry products especially chicken and turkey have been discovered to be causative factor in  non- communicable diseases (NCDs) and antibiotics resistance.

Although NCDs are non-infectious but they are deadly. Health conditions under NCDs include cancer, kidney disease, and hypertension among others.

NAFDAC Director General,Dr Paul Orhii, who gave the warning at media briefing in Lagos, urged Nigerians to avoid imported smuggled chickens and turkeys, because they have been found to contain substances that can predispose one to kidney, liver and lung diseases as well as certain types of cancers and drug resistance- bacterial infections.

At the briefing, a study, titled “Prevalence, Quality and Acceptability of Frozen Poultry Meat in Major Cities in Nigeria” carried out by experts from University of Ibadan titled “, was presented. Although imported foreign chicken, turkey and along with other frozen poultry meat have been banned by the Federal Government, some Nigerians have cultivated the habit of smuggling the banned poultry products into the country to the ‘delight’ of some Nigerians who do not know the health implications of consuming such products.

Orhii said that patronising smuggled poultry foods do not only encourage economic sabotage, but also can damage peoples’ health. We are particularly concerned about the high level of antibiotics residue, because these can cause drug resistance, resistance to antibiotics.”

Orhii added that NAFDAC would begin strict enforcement of the ban on imported poultry products.

This have really helped Nigeria farmers to go big in raring of chickens and more new farmers coming into the industry...

2. NEW NIGERIA GOVERNMENT GIVE FULL FINANCIAL SUPPORT TO ANYONE THAT WANTS TO GO INTO FARMING : The new Nigeria government both Federal and All State government are really investing and supporting people going into Agriculture. It is crystal clear to us that President Buhari is shifting the country's major income from petrol to Agriculture, and this will make agriculture more suitable to start without even having a kobo, as long as you can write a killer project proposal to either your state government or to the federal which we at KenFarms will definitely teach you.

 Just of Recent, the CBN’s Head of SMEs Finance, Dr. J. Abba and the Apex bank has positioned itself to bridge the gap in access to finance among growing enterprises. Abba informed that the CBN has intervened
significantly in the real sector to the tunes of several billions of naira, which were aimed at jump starting the Nigerian economy and making it competitive globally. N200 billion Fund was established by the CBN and the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development as a strategic response to the lingering food and energy crisis worsened by the global financial melt-down. The fund can be accessed by medium and large scale integrated and non-integrated agricultural projects with a minimum of N50 million net asset base. State Governments are also eligible.



 The Scheme is a partnership between CBN/FMA&RD and FirstBank.

  •     It provides credit for fresh investment/expansion of commercial agricultural enterprises.
  •     Eligible activities include cultivation of target crops (rice, cassava, cotton, oil palm, wheat, rubber.   jatropha    carcus, fruits and vegetables), livestocks (dairy, poultry, piggery) and fisheries.
  •    Credit support to the target commodities shall be administered along the entire value chain of Production,  Storage, Processing, Market and Enterprise Development.
  •     Any other activity as may be specified by the Project Monitoring Committee (PMC)    Loan tenor is between 5 - 7years.
  •  Pricing is maximum of 9% all in.
  •     To fast-track the development of the agric sector.
  •     To enhance national food security by increasing food supply.
  •     To address the needs of existing clients seeking cheap funding for major expansion.
  •     To support Government efforts in sustainable economic development using our expertise in agricultural financing

  •     Certificate of incorporation
  •     Memorandum and Article of Association
  •     Audited accounts for 3 years or Management Account in lieu
  •     Letter of Application
  •     Proforma Invoice, bill of quantity as the case may be
  •     Feasibility Study or Business Plan

Myself and My other colleague have taken time to know how to access this funds and we are ready to teach anyone interested for FREE..We will be teaching or showing you HOW TO:

1. Get your company certificate of incorporation
2. Get the memorandum Article of Association
3. How to go about the Audited accounts for 3 years or management
4. Write letter of Application to the bank
5. Go about the proforma invoice bill
6. we have also taken time to put together A Complete Poultry eBook that contains everything you need to know abut poultry...

 In this eBook, you'll find all the information you need to start and run a successful poultry farm, such as:

  • How to Setup Poultry Farm any where in the world - Focuses on how to start small and grow big within a short period of time.
  • Types of poultry breeds that are most suitable for your poultry farm.
  • Poultry house construction types and procedure according to your need.
  • Different kinds and how to identity chicken diseases, and the effective treatment and control.
  • Breeds suitable for commercial poultry farming
  • Poultry feeding and nutritional guides for healthy farm
  • Farm management and considerations
  • Poultry farm equipment, Hatching and raising chicks, Hatching using brooding hens, Artificial hatching, etc...
  • Chicken Nutrition, Feeding formulas, and the types of chicken feeds that is most desirable to your birds.
  • Business Plan sample for Poultry. 
  • And Lots More

It contains so much more that I wouldn't be able to include here. The eBook is fully loaded and worth every penny of your investment. It is "a must have" eBook for every serious poultry farmer/investor who is serious about making profit in the business.  And it also contains Business Plan sample for Poultry.


1. Free Consultancy
2. Free 2015 Poultry Business Plan
3. Market Analysis Breakdown
4. Over 8 Years of Experience and Compiling
And lots More......

Why wasting time when their is a place you can learn how to run and be successful on poultry farming... Our Brand New eBook on Poultry Farming  is now ready and contains everything you need to know to build a good poultry farm regardless of where you are. It is the best eBook on Poultry farming, it took me almost a year to compile and currently a"bestseller"

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Thank you....
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Want To Know More About Poultry Farming? Check Out My Complete Poultry e-Book

Want To Know More About Poultry Farming? Check Out My Complete Poultry e-Book
Best Selling Poultry e-Book



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