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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

LAST POST: My Secret Football Strategy!!! How I Make Constant, No Risk #7,500 ($37) Daily, #75,000 ($375) Weekly and #300,000 ($1500) Monthly betting on Live Match

Hello guys and welcome to my last post on how to be making Constant, No Risk #7,500 ($37) Daily, #75,000 ($375) Weekly and #300,000 ($1500) Monthly betting on Live Match. I will not say much in this post, i will just go straight to the point but i will advice those that haven't read my first and second post to read READ FIRST POST HERE and READ SECOND POST HERE before reading this Last post...

This is very important as i have said a lot before now....  I also want every one to understand how the Almighty Formula works as the is the first to know apart from the discipline aspect and that is why i will be repeating the formula here again.... To be successful with my strategies, you really need to know and understand how the Formula works...

Also, Like Frank do say, English is my 2nd language so you will see many grammars errors so do not send me emails or comment like “your grammar is bad”, I already know it.

But that does not matter. The reason why you are here is to get tips, tricks, advices and especially learn Fiver new and proven football betting strategies from someone who cracked the code and knows how to beat the bookie when it comes to Live football betting. So, like what I say to my clients and subscribers, I’m not here to give you English lessons. I’m here to show you how to make a lot of money on football betting and believe me, you’ll make A LOT of money.

Let me say this before i move on..

I know their are people that make millions on
betting..  Their are people that just bet or gamble with #100 and make #30,000,000 on a slip but to be honest with you guys which we all even know that this things is just luck, even i heard of a house boy that make 30m this week on bet9ja but to be honest with you guys, This winnings you here up and there, most of them are scams... Those betting company sites usually use that to drive traffic to their betting site and making people to believe that they too can use like #500 to make # 2,000,000... I know someone that works with a reputable betting site... He do tell me most of their traffic strategies and that is why you will hear that this week that someone wins 30million on 1960, the following week someone wins 25million on 9jabet the following week another person wins 50million on another betting sites, see most of them are scam and even if they are not, is it advisable to keep losing money every week thinking that one day you will sha win like 5,000,000.. Why don't you kuku take it as a business and keep winning even if it is small money, you will sha know that you keep winning constantly every day and weekly.... Let me stop here and continue to the Formula... ( A word is enough for the wise )


I modify the formula from Frank Belanger Formula, All the three eBook i bought from frank, eBook that cost me #60,000 ( $300 ), he didn't give out this formula even though i know he will know it, That is one thing about info marketers, they don't give out their real secrets for people to see...This formula was detected by me after i have already lost so much on football betting and after i got hold of this formula, my story change..... The Formula is a mathematical formula that i discovered and it have been working like a magic, The great thing about this formula is that it is for life, no betting site can tamper or do any kind of pranks on it... ( The only disadvantage with this formula is that, you will be making the money little by little, but i tell you, it pays) Like one adage my tribe do say, it is small small money that will later become big...

The Formula simply says:


  • BET or STAKE = This is the amount we are to bet or stake on a particular match
  • TARGET           = This is the Amount we will like to make on a particular match
  • ODD                  = This is the fraction or decimal numbers been given to the Teams we want to  bet on... ( We use the odd in calculating )

NOTE: To place a bet on a particular match, we need to decide how much we will like to make on that particular match, It is the amount we decide we will use to do the calculation..


Lets say Sunderland and Arsenal wants to play today...

Time to play     TEAM                    TEAM       Sunderland Odd    Odd if they draw    Arsenal Draw
   15:00      SUNDERLAND   vs  ARSENAL -          3.75                           4.30                  1.80


Time To Play : This is the TIME they are to play the Match    

TEAM            : TEAM that are playing against them self

ODD               : The Decimal number given to the team

NOW Lets say we want to BET/STAKE on ARSENAL...

To place your bet on ARSENAL, We will need to use the FORMULA, To use the FORMULA, we will need to decide how much we want to make on Arsenal...

Lets say i will like to make #1000 on ARSENAL

Now this is what to do next using the formula


BET = 1000  /  (1-1.80)
BET = 1000  /  (0.80)
BET = 1250

So to make #1000 on ARSENAL, we will need to BET/STAKE  #1250

SO if ARSENAL WINS, We are profitable with #1000


#1250 ( Our investment ) * 1.80 ( Arsenal ODD ) = #2250 ( Our Total Gain )...
NOW #2250 - #1250 our investment we use to bet = #1000 ( Our target /Gain )

What of if ARSENAL did not win

That means we are already losing #1250 we use to bet on ARSENAL, but don't worry, we are going to get it back easily with our TARGET

Now If ARSENAL lose, The next Formula will be

BET = TOTAL LOSE + TARGET ( This will be our new TARGET )

Now Let say the Next Match is Man-Utd Vs Watford
Time to play        TEAM            TEAM        Man-Utd Odd          Draw Odd          Watford Odd
   17:30               Man-Utd   vs  Watford -            1.90                          4.30                   3.80

Let say we want to stake on Man-Utd as our next stake.

Since we have already lost #1250 on Arsenal, Are next FORMULA will be

NEW TARGET = TOTAL LOSE + TARGET ( This will be our new TARGET )

To get our New TARGET, We will add Our lose which is #1250 ( Money we lost on Arsenal ) + #1000 ( Our Initial target )

Which is #2250

Now to bet on Man-Utd, we will use our normal formula which is


BET = #2250 /  ( 1- 1.90 )
BET = #2250 /  (0.90)
BET = #2500

So to make back the money we lose on ARSENAL (#1250) and to our initial TARGET (#1000)..  we will need to BET/STAKE #2500 on Man-UTD

SO if MAN UTD WINS, We will make #4270



#2500 ( Our investment on Man Utd) * 1.90 ( Man Utd ODD ) = #4750 ( Our Total Gain )...
NOW #4750 - #1250 Money we use to bet on ARSENAL - #2500 ( Money we use to bet on Man Utd) = #1000 ( Our Inital Target / Gain)


What about if Man Utd to Lose again, we will have to place another bet on another team

Time to play     TEAM                TEAM          CHELSEA Odd       Draw Odd        STOKE CITY Odd
   20:00           CHELSEA  vs  STOKE CITY -         2.00                      4.60                       3.20

Now let say CHELSEA is our next MATCH

We will follow the FORMULA we use above which is

NEW TARGET = TOTAL LOSE + TARGET ( This will be our new TARGET )

To get our New TARGET, We will add Our losses together which is #1250 ( Money we lost on Arsenal ) + #2500 ( The money we stake on Man utd )  + #1000 ( Our Initial target ) = #4750 ( Total Lose )

Now to bet on CHELSEA, we will use our normal formula which is


BET = #4750 /  ( 1- 2.00 )
BET = #4750 /  (1)
BET = #4750

So to make back the money we lose on ARSENAL (#1250) and Man Utd (#2500) and to get our inital TARGET (#1000) we will need to BET/STAKE #4750 on CHELSEA.
SO if  CHELSEA WINS, We will make #9500


#4750 ( Our investment on Chelsea ) * 2.00 ( Chelsea ODD ) = #9,500 ( Our Total Gain )... NOW #9,500 - #1250 Money we use to bet on ARSENAL - #2500 ( Money we use to bet on Man Utd) - #4750 ( Money we use to bet on CHELSEA = #1000 ( Our Initial Target )

NOTE: This formula will give us back all our losses and Target...

I hope you are able to get this calculations...

NOW lets move to my Secret strategy i use in making Constant, No Risk #7,500 Daily, #75,000 Weekly and #300,000 Monthly betting on Live Match.

See Guys, i know their are some gurus here that knows it all..... Even you know more than i do but please to me, This football betting is not just about betting, It is more to me a Pure Business.. I will only be giving out ONE out of my FIVE strategies as this post is already getting too long and i wont like to board you guys with a very long post....  This strategy i will be posting  is purely from my Research and with it and the other four strategies i have, honestly i make nothing less than 100k weekly.... NOTHING LESS..... It is left to you if you still want to continue to be forecasting and losing or you grap and start using a system that keeps making you money..... ITS YOUR CHOICE..


  • It is a strategy i personally invent... It have been working for the past 1 season now and still working....
  • Since it is a business now and not just gambling, You need an investment.. At least #30,000 to start
  • I told you guys that you will need to be Discipline and also be Patient... ( You really need this, i can promise you and even swear that if you have this, YOU WILL NEVER LOSE MONEY AGAIN )

Now lets go

This is the Strategies below


In this strategy i use, I would like to show you a system I like so much and that I use every day for any sports but it works just like magic with football betting and baseball betting. In fact, we will use a simple progression I have developed for many sports and I always had a lot of success. This progression work like magic with the kind of odds and little principles we have on both live football betting and virtual football betting but works mostly for live football and live baseball betting.

You will be able to place at least one section ( 1 section is 3 different games or 3 target ) of bet a day because I’ll show you how to easily find all the football games you can bet on 365 days a year. You’ll see that I don’t want to talk and talk again. Instead, I’ll show you some example and we will work the numbers together.

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is of course opening an account with at least one betting site.. As for me, i have account with 10 different betting sites... LOL!!!  You already know that. So after you have register with a betting site, the very first step you need to do in order to use this system is to open your PC and visit the website below:

When it is done, it will bring you to a page where you can find every match in every league worldwide. Now this is where we are going

What you have to find at this moment is a game with a very specific odds, no matter what the league is. One important thing you must understand is we have to find the best odds that fit our needs and not the odds of our favorite team.

Here, we are looking for specific odds for the HOME TEAM ONLY.  We want all the odds starting from 1.40 to 2.00 at HOME and what we will look is that the odds for the home team must be lower to that of the away team.. REASON IS ( As we all know that the Team with the lower odd have an advantage over the team with the higher odd and again with our principle, the team have to be in his home, this gives us another advantage over the other team) away team.

Again we are looking for the followings:

  • A Home Team that the odd start from 1.40 to 2.00
  • A Home Team that the odd ( 1.40 to 2.00 ) is smaller to the odd of his opponent Team

How It Works

Every morning or most of the times, As for me, at night i already do my assignment for the second day, i go to and write down all the home team that have odd between 1.40 to 1.50 and the time they are to play their matches that day... NOTE: ( Don't pick a team below 1.40 ) After have done that, i will arrange them according to the time they will play, After that, i log in to my betting site account, do the Almighty calculation on the first set of teams i will bet on ( If i see two to three teams that are at home and also have the odds i need and are playing at the same time, i will bet on all the three separately using the formula...  I see my target at least 3 times a day... If i use #1000 as my target on each team, i will see #3k...

If i place my first bet and the team lose, i will use the formula to calculate my bet on the next match am going to stake on..

For Example, Let me use November 30th 2015 live matches as example...

 First match played on the 30th

Second match played on the 30th

Third match played on the 30th



  Here is the First Match i played on the 1st

The second match i played

The third match i played

 You can check for verification....

  • I have never lost with this strategy, this is because, even if the first match i bet lose, and the second lose, i will surely win the third one.... I have never experience betting on 4 different  HOME TEAM in a day and losing them, Their will be 1 Home team that will surely win and when the team wins, i will get all my loses and target back... This is the help of the Almighty Formula ..... Can you see the power in this?

  • I see at least 3 target a day 
  • I have 10 different account on 10 different betting sites.. Mind you, i started with just one account... 
  • SIMPLE ARITHMETIC : If i use #1000 as my target on each team daily, Do you know how much am making, It is #1000 * 3 =  #3000 on one account daily and i have 10 accounts on different betting sites.. So #3000 * 10 = #30,000 daily income... #30,000 * 7 days = #210,000 weekly... ( Making over #200,000 weekly on betting ) 

  • SIMPLE COMPOUND INTEREST : Starting with just one account, Do you know how much am making, It is #1000 * 3 =  #3000 on one account daily... so #3000*7 = #21,000 Weekly and #21,000 * 4 weeks = #84,000.... With this you can create another account... Having another account the second month you will be making #168,000... Can you see that within 6 month, you can create those 10 account?

 How Much You Need To Start

Since this is a business and an investment one need to start with at least minimum of 30k... Presently, am having 10 different accounts and my capital base on each accounts is #100,000 each... When i started, i also start with just 1 account and i grew it up to 10 accounts now and am still going to like 20 different accounts.... With that 1 account that you have 30k inside, i can assure you that you will making nothing less than #5000 weekly... If you are patient and discipline enough and you are serious,  within 1 month, you should be able to have the second account...


 All right. I hope you liked this article and that you see the potential of these FOMULA and STRATEGY. Now I want you to understand something. Sports betting ncluding football betting is not just for fun. If you want to really make money, you have to use a system.

Also, you don’t have to concentrate on your favorite team. This is how you will lose. If you want to make money, you have to use all the leagues you can and all the teams that fit a specific systems.

There’s so much leagues and teams to use that you will easily find what you are looking for. Of course some day you will have to search a bit longuer but beleive me, it worth the time.
Remember, you must go slowly by using many small stakes in many sessions. This is how you’ll spread the risk and this is how you’ll make a lot of money over the season.

So, my advice would be to understand and read all the systems again and use the systems on paper first. When you feel comfortable with the system of your choice, go ahead a make some real money.

But the most important...stick to the rules. This is the secret

Have Fun!

My next post is going to be on how am making #4,000 Daily on Nigeria Virtual Betting Sites.


For those that are serious, for those that want to stop losing money, for those that wants to follow this strategy, Note that with your 30k, you will need to have a target, let your target be at most #100 per match.


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Bro, trust me forget about everything you've heard from the latest so called football betting gurus and Fixed matches. You will waste thousands of days and thousands of money trying to figure out if their systems and approach work for you. My eBook  will map out a complete blueprint for your football betting  success from start to finish.

Hello Guys

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If you answered YES to any of these questions, Then keep reading…

See guys, have passed through hard times betting, If you read my first Article on live betting, you will know what am saying... Have lost so much that it affected me in every area of my life but thank God for this secret and knowledge God game to me....

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1. I will give you the new video i just did for Virtual football Betting. The video contains everything you need to know about virtual betting and my secret strategy i use to make nothing less than 10k daily.

2. I’ll give you my EXACT blueprint and resources available so you can literally 1-on-1 copy or model my METHODS. Just enjoy the process, then sit back, relax and enjoy the fun. ( This cost me #40k )

NOTE: I've been doing this for the past 1 and half years! Going to 2 Now and i have never cry losing money...Don't get me wrong, not that i still dont lose but with my strategy, i can never lose my capital.

3. I’ll show you how to make nothing less than #300k Monthly on betting business working just 5 hours daily in your room... if you choose! You can work more than that if you want, but I’ll show you how to make the most amount of income in the shortest amount time possible, with the least amount of effort.

On another note… let me be 100% frank with you…


1. You must have a computer system or a good phone that browse ( or must have betting site shop not far to your.. Any betting site )

3. You must have a calculator

4. You must have a CAPITAL ( At least 20k )..

If you have all this and are serious about this

                                                       HERE’S WHAT TO DO NEXT

If you are serious, motivated and READY to take your success to the next level, and you want to make this 2016 an amazing year, then contact me on Whatz app on 08030990904 .

And i will take it from there.


Pay the sum of #4,999 to any of the banks below

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After placing your order, SMS your payment information (Manual title, Name on teller, payment teller number, your e-mail address and Your Whatz App Phone No)

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•   Zero shipping costs.

•   No waiting time, forget having to wait weeks for postal delivery.

•   No risk of products lost in the mail or damaged

So if you’re interested, I highly recommend you take action fast.

Thinking that i might live you after your purchase? Definitely no! We assure you of maximum support when you need us. Please, do not hesitate to ask us for the way ahead. You can contact us at or call the following number 08030990904.

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Head Office: Inside Afroo Works Building, Along Ajase-Ipo Road, Ilorin, Kwara State.

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                      Below Are My Other Posts On How My Secret Football Strategies.

1. FIRST POST: My Secret Football Strategy!!! How I Make Constant, No Risk #75,000 ($375) Weekly and #300,000 ($1500) Monthly betting on Live Matches.

2. SECOND POST: My Secret Football Strategy!!! How I Make Constant, No Risk #75,000 ($375) Weekly and #300,000 ($1500) Monthly betting on Live Matches

3.  Virtual Football Betting Strategy with Explanatory Video ( How I Make Constant #13,500 Daily #94,500 Weekly and #405,000 Monthly Playing VFL )

Thank You...  
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  1. Wow, where have you been all this while bro.... This is really a bomb shell.. I will contact you on whatz app..

  2. Wowo, bro thanks so much for this great eBook you sent to me....Have only read 24 pages and am already dieing to start... You are awesome sir... Bro, We need more of you online ...

    1. Thank you for your comment bro, Do make sure you take action and stick to the plan... We will meet on whatz app...

  3. hello bro. thanks i just came in contact with this and am very much interested in it. i will love we talk very well.

    1. Okay sir... You can call or whatz app me on 08030990904..

      Thank You

  4. Thanks a million. More grease to your elbows. God bless you.

  5. what if you still lost the 3rd one because it is possible?

    1. Yea.. Nothing is 100 percent sure and that is gambling for you but we are trading this like a business... Even if you lose the fifth game, as soon as you win one, you will get all your lost money and target back....

  6. But you are yet to lose more than 3rd before?

  7. Kudos to you Ken, I wish this formula is applicable to virtual bet? Thanks in anticipation

  8. Hello Neyyo

    Sure it also works on virtual but with different strategy... I have alreay written an article about virtual.. you can read it here...

  9. hi is your vfl system still working? i love the way you presented it and is a lot safer than accumulating all three

  10. The strategy 1 are good system but what happens if lose 3 consecutive times? After that will lost my bankroll.

  11. This is the best I've seen after all the research I've done. Mr Kehinde Afolabi, I promise you a car if it works for 6month. I'd contact your Whatsapp right away.


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