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Monday, 30 November 2015

My Secret Football Strategy!!! How I Make Constant, No Risk #75,000 ($375) Weekly and #300,000 ($1500) Monthly betting on Live Matches.

Hello Guys, this is Afolabi Andrew Kenny.... Today, i will like to share with you guys about one of the online business i do that have been making me cool cash for the past 1 and half year now. This business is for both online and offline and it is my amazing and revolutionary strategies that very few people are using to bet on any betting site . Am sure many people do know about football betting, some might even say their is nothing you don't know or haven't heard about football betting before but what i will be sharing is really different and amazing....At least i make nothing less than 300k ($1500) monthly with this. For those that really want to take this betting as Business like i do, please read this post to the end...

With what i will be sharing with you guys, i make at least 75,000 ($375) weekly and #300,000 ($1500) monthly consistently but Before i talk about those strategies, let me first tell you little
about myself and my football betting knowledge...

For those of you who don’t know me or have not heard of me, My names are Afolabi Andrew Kenny but people call me kennyfol, Am a poultry farmer and also I have been involved in sports betting since the last 4 years..I have developed and created successful sports betting systems. For the last 1 and half year of my life, I am making lot of money at sports betting and have helped many people to do the same. Many of my students are now making a full time income at sports betting and I’m very proud of that. This is what i do for a living since the past 4 years now or let me say since the time i finished schooling... I take care of my poultry and i also bet a lot... To me, Football betting is a business and not the way most people look at it. In-fact, i don't even call it betting and every body around me and even in my church knows that this is what i do... I took interest in it back in 2011 when i bought frank belenger Two eBooks on both Virtual and live betting....

When i started, it was really hell, i started with virtual football betting on both bet365 and ladbrookes but i lost lots and lots of money. I lost over 1.5million Naira... I was doing an online business then which i make some money from called Fiverr, all the over 700,000 Naira ($3500) i got from Fiverr was invested into betting and i lots all... i lost money to the extent that i borrowed over 1,000,000 Naira ( $5000 )from both friends and family and i still cant account for anything at the end of the day... it was really very bad for me then, it got worst to the extent that i almost slept overnight in police custody, that year 2012 / 2013 was the year i can never forget in my life but with everything that happened, i still do not give up. Not because i was owning but because i believe in the business and since am not a gambler but a business man, i like the business more and more... i was owning over 1Million ( $5000 ) Naira and i really need to pay back, then i haven't even started my poultry business but to me, betting was the only thing i can think of that can fetch me quick money in order for me to pay back my dept...

I did everything i was thought, i went for different training in Lagos on football betting but i still kept on losing... I lost to the extent of i could not even afford to pay for my rent apartment anymore, i was sleeping in a room in my church.. hunmmmmmmmmm, i don't know how to pour out my experience fully but i really thank God i do not give up despite the challenges...i kept leaning and trying new things till last year August when a friend of my Mohammed Olamilakan told me to contribute with him to buy 1 frank eBook like that, i was  reluctant as the book cost 20k ($100) but i took faith and bought it. After buying the eBook, My betting life changed dramatically, I wasn't using what he wrote in the eBook but the eBook opened my eye to some strategies i created myself and have been helping me to make lots of money week via just browsing on my tab.

That’s my life. My Past. And Now That’s my freedom

Most of you might know the Frank Mathematical football formula, for those that doesn't know it, you have really missed a lot because the formula is just the best way to bet. You can ask anyone that know.. Its simply the best.  But don't worry, i will revile the formula and my strategies also for free. The formula is simple, let me quickly explain it



For those that doesn't understand, i will explain much more better in my next post by tomorrow or so.


What you can expect from me

Now I want to warn you about something. Like what Frank do say, these football systems is not a get rich quick scheme. No system can make you turn #100 ($0.5 )into #1,000,000 ($5000 )in just a day. This is very important to understand.

Forget about All those noise about Fixed games and the rest, honestly 90% of it are not real...

You can say some people do win huge amount of money with just 100 naira some with even just #30 Naira, even i heard of a man that won 56 Million naira around September from betting with only 5k but see, those kind of betting are gambling and not business, before one can win such amount, you will have bet and bet, you should understand what am trying to say.... Some people are very lucky but this strategy am about showing you is not about been lucky, its a strategy that will be making you constant 75k  ($375)weekly...

Football betting will allow you to make some serious money over the long run when you know how. To have success at football betting, you need to understand that it is an investment. If you can think about it this way, you’ll be successful.

Let me stop for today, will continue on my next post....

If you are ready to learn from me, just comment "Am In" below... Am not going to ask for any email or phone nos... i just want to know if people will be interested or not..

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 Thank you...
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Want To Know More About Poultry Farming? Check Out My Complete Poultry e-Book
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